[View] PACS keeps asking me to download the viewer, I did but the viewer doesn’t work
For PACS questions, call our PACS partner Viztek @ 1.800.366.5343

[View] PACS Quick Start Guide

[View] PACS Short Tutorials (for techs): Look under the folder “Opal Client”

[View] PACS User Manual

[View] PACS Viewer Settings Manual (including hanging protocol instructions)

[View] Full list of PACS Quick Start Guide, Manual, and Tutorials

[View] PACS Hardware Requirements

[View] PACS Supported Microphones

[View] PACS & RadBay Supported Browsers & Recommended Bandwidth
RadBay supports the following browsers: Internet Explorer 8, Firefox 4, Chrome, and Safari 4. Please note the PACs system used by RadBay requires IE.

FORMS (Printable)

[View] RB Required Study Info sheet (must be scanned in on each exam)

[View] RB Technologist Instructions on completing exams